Everything You Need to Know about Belly Fat

There is only one way to combat an enemy... that is to learn everything there is to know and then move forward to beat it. Belly Fat is no different. Learn what you need to know and then move towards burning off your stomach fat. More »

Belly Fat Burning Exercises

f you are on a quest to have a body of your dreams and reduce your belly fat than the proper food choices and exercise both need to be a part of your overall plan. Many people set out with an end goal in their minds, but don’t take the necessary steps to get where they want to be. More »

Belly Fat Reduction Encompasses Exercise, Stress Releif, and Great Fat Burning Recipes

The Lose Belly Fat Recipes section will excite your taste buds, satisfy your soul, and help burn fat. The ingredients in our recipes and how they are prepared will help you lose weight, keep you from gaining additional weight, and help to keep you healthy. More »

Confused by all of the Diet Plans Out There?

There are tons of weight loss programs and fat reducing diets on the market today. You hear a lot about certain programs, techniques, and exercise programs. The Lose Belly Fat Site takes a look at many of these programs and explains what they are all about. More »

Looking for Fat Burning Diets, Programs, or Supplements?

We search out the best products and present them here. We look for diet programs, recipe books, fat burning supplements, and exercise equipment. Once you check out the products here you will be way ahead of the game and win your flat stomach back. More »


20 Fat Torching Snacks

Like to Snack but Want to Burn Stomach Fat?

We all love to snack but we need to keep our calories down to lose weight, reduce belly fat, and stay healthy.

Fat Burning Recipes

Ginger Beef

Metabolic Cooking

Food that helps you burn stubborn belly fat.

You will really enjoy these recipes. They are easy to make, tasty, and healthy for you!

Fat Burning Recipes

Apple & Cinnamon High Protein Muffins

Anabolic Cooking

Food that helps grow muscle and burn stubborn belly fat.

You will really enjoy these recipes. They are easy to make, tasty, and healthy for you!

6 Minutes To Skinny Product Review

Who really has time to follow a very strict exercise as well as diet plan that’s completely impractical for almost all individuals? Let’s face the facts – all of us stay fairly hectic lives, and for that reason, our overall health requires our waistline takes the plunge. The 6 Minutes To Skinny program is designed by world renowned fitness expert Craig Ballantyne, “6-Minutes to Skinny”* is a breakthrough fat-loss solution for busy men and women.

Weight Loss Facts

Stomach Fat Myths and Truths


Stomach Fat Loss Facts – True or False

We are hearing so many ideas, opinions, and fads out there when it comes to losing belly fat. Which ones are accurate and which ones are ghost tales? 

Why I am not losing weight

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Do you ever wonder… Why am I not losing Weight?

I am dieting & exercising but I am still not burning my stomach fat!


Well there may be some very simple answers to this question. Here are the top ten reasons we have found that stop us from trimming our waistlines and flattening our stomach even though we are trying.


Your Shampoo is Creating Your Weight Problem

Here is another humorous story that definitely explains it all.

Your Shampoo is creating your weight gain!

I found this at: http://www.askdocweb.com/diethumor.html

Fat Burning Recipes

Apple Oatmeal Pancakes to Burn Fat

Metabolic Cooking

Food that helps you burn stubborn belly fat.

You will really enjoy these recipes. They are easy to make, tasty, and healthy for you!

Walking for a Thinner Waist

How Walking Burns Fat and Calories

How to Burn Belly Fat

Are you wondering how walking burns fat and calories? The great thing about walking is it’s easy to do and it can be done anywhere. It requires no special equipment. Just put on your sneakers and head outside.

You can walk in the park or you can walk around your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter just as long as you are walking.

Lose Belly Fat Snacks

Snacks to Burn Stomach Fat

How Do You Burn Stomach Fat?

You learn to eat right while satisfying your cravings for food. We all have cravings but if you can keep your calories down and increase your proteins for energy.. you will be satisfied.

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